Theresa May MP visits the Royal Mail Maidenhead Delivery Office to wish Postmen and Women a Merry Christmas

  • Dec 21, 2017

On Monday 18 December Theresa visited the Maidenhead Delivery Office to see first-hand the operation of delivering Christmas post and to pass on season’s greetings to its hardworking staff. Theresa has visited the Maidenhead local delivery office every year since becoming a Member of Parliament in 1997.

Theresa was shown around by Delivery Office Manager, Andy Roeton, and was introduced to the postmen and women who deliver the mail in her Maidenhead constituency including work place coach Daniel Bourner and postman Joe Torres. She saw at first hand Royal Mail pulling out all the stops to sort and deliver mail over the Christmas period.


“It was lovely to visit the Royal Mail Maidenhead Delivery Office in Maidenhead again in the run-up to Christmas, to meet the postal workers and thank them for the brilliant job they do all year round, and especially at Christmas.

They are all doing a fantastic job and I heard some fantastic stories here about postal workers who have gone to impressive lengths to make sure that letter or parcel got through.”

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