Theresa May MP supports the proposal to provide Maidenhead and Twyford passengers with direct services to Central London and Canary Wharf.

  • Jan 24, 2017

Theresa May welcomes the proposal of semi-fast Crossrail Services from Maidenhead and Twyford into Central London and Canary Wharf in 2019. This will reduce journey times for commuters who normally take the GWR slow service and have the added benefit of not having to change at Paddington as it currently required by GWR services.

Theresa has been campaigning for some time for semi-fast Crossrail services and wrote to the Secretary of State for Transport to express her support for this proposal and to ensure that the GWR fast line services from Maidenhead and Twyford would be unaffected by this and she was assured that they will be protected. 

Theresa said: “This will be good for commuters in the constituency who will see a reduction in their journey times. I will keep a watchful eye on the ongoing timetable work to see how things progress and I will continue to ensure that the fast and semi fast GWR services from Maidenhead and Twyford and protected so that Crossrail complements these services.”

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