Theresa May MP welcomes employment support and opportunities for people with hearing loss across the Maidenhead constituency

  • Apr 23, 2017

Action on Hearing Loss launched the Working for Change campaign in January 2017 to tackle the prejudices of employers identified when employing people who have reduced hearing.

According to a recent YouGov polling 35% of business leaders stated that they do not feel confident about their business employing a person with hearing loss.

Theresa May:

“It is important to address the issue of attitudes towards people with hearing loss in the work force as this matter should never be treated as a taboo.

I am therefore pleased to see new incentives being introduced and I am certain that this scheme will help people with reduced hearing across the constituency become increasingly employable by breaking down the prejudices that employers may have towards them.”

Action on Hearing Loss is working with a number of stakeholders to distribute resources, support and advice to businesses across the UK to raise awareness about this campaign.

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