Campainging for broadband in Waltham St Lawrence

Theresa May has launched a campaign in Parliament to bring broadband to Waltham St Lawrence. Households in the village are in the 0.2 per cent of households in the country who still can’t receive broadband internet. Residents have long campaigned for the service to be extended to them and others in rural areas without broadband.

Theresa May has taken on the cause and has launched a campaign to get the Government and Ofcom to work with broadband suppliers to improve access to broadband and telecommunication services in rural areas. She has tabled an Early Day Motion, a formal petition for a parliamentary debate, and is working with organisations such as the Community Broadband Network to raise the profile of this important issue.

Theresa says, “For those who live in remote areas, or indeed those who run small businesses based in the countryside, quick and reliable telecommunications services are an increasingly important means of conducting day-to-day life. Yet, broadband access is still a problem for many rural communities across the country and rural consumers are, therefore, disadvantaged in this respect. I strongly believe that it is vital for rural areas to have an equal level of service to those in urban areas.”

“I sympathise greatly with the frustration experienced by the residents of Waltham St Lawrence at being in the 0.2 per cent of households unable to receive broadband internet. I sincerely hope that we can bring about a speedy resolution to this problem.”

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