Christian Aid’s ‘the beat goes on’

  • 3 Jul 2006

Local MP Theresa May joined Christian Aid to take part in a nationwide world record attempt to drum home the enduring issues of world poverty.

‘I have always been a firm supporter of the Make Poverty History campaign. It has already been tremendously successful in driving International Development up the political agenda. The campaign gave a voice to millions of people on issues such as debt relief, international trade and HIV/AIDs.

‘Now we are here to show that that voice is still speaking. 2005 brought the issues of International Development into the public consciousness. In 2006 we need to keep the momentum going and inspire further, and lasting, political action. Nearly 3 billion people, every day, go without basic things that the rest of believe we have a right to – decent food, clean water, shelter, healthcare and education. We need to do as much as we can to right these wrongs.

‘It has been truly exhilarating to be part of this nationwide, world record breaking event. And it is made all the more poignant to know that our drumming may well resonate with the government and urge them to press the World Bank and International Monetary Foundation for reform.’