Fire sparks more alarm over Grundon site

Theresa May has expressed her concerns after a major fire at the Grundon Waste Management site in Star Lane, Knowl Hill. The fire, which raged from 3pm to 11pm on Friday 20th February, caused considerable disturbance to local residents and raised fears about safety.

Theresa has written to the Managing Director of Grundon to raise the concerns made by local residents, and to press the company to take action.

Theresa said: “This was a serious incident which has understandably caused a lot of concern among local residents. I have called on Grundon to set out exactly how this fire started and to fully assess the procedures that were in place to deal with it. The fire resulted in a loss of power at the site and a huge release of unpleasant odours which badly affected local residents. I want to know why there weren’t better contingency plans in place.”

“There is considerable frustration at the ongoing problems at the Grundon site and this incident has only exacerbated these.”

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