Guarantee on Crossrail

Theresa May has obtained significant guarantees from the Government about the impact of Crossrail on Maidenhead and Twyford. Speaking in the House of Commons, Theresa argued that the Crossrail line should be extended to Reading saying that “if the Crossrail line does not extend from Maidenhead to Reading they (constituents in Twyford) would really lose out”. She asked Transport Minister Tom Harris to guarantee that the line could be extended to Reading under existing legislation, meaning that the extension could be done more quickly. In response, the Minister stated that “the Government are committed to making a decision on the safeguarding of the route from Maidenhead to Reading for future possible extension of Crossrail to Reading”. Importantly, he confirmed that the line could be extended under existing legislation and it would not have to go through the same lengthy parliamentary procedures as this Bill.

Theresa also raised the problem of the impact of Crossrail on commuters in Maidenhead saying “I am concerned that my constituents in Maidenhead and Twyford could find themselves with a greatly reduced service and amenity when Crossrail is introduced, because they might lose First Great Western services and end up at the end of a metro line, which would be a slow stopping service that would take twice as long to get to Paddington as it does at the moment”.

The Minister gave a commitment that “whenever the First Great Western franchise is renewed, we will ensure that due attention is paid to the points that she has raised about the level of Crossrail services at Maidenhead”. Commenting on the Government’s guarantee, Theresa said “extending the Crossrail line to Reading would make rail travel for people in both Twyford and Maidenhead so much easier. I am pleased that we now have confirmation that the extension could be done under existing legislation which would make the process much quicker. I am also pleased that the need to give proper thought to services to Maidenhead has been accepted by the Government”.

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