Infrastructure boost for Maidenhead in Coalition Mid-Term Review

Theresa May has welcomed the Coalition Government’s ‘Mid-Term Review’ which has confirmed the progress of several infrastructure projects that will boost the Maidenhead area. The ‘Mid-Term Review’ document, published by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, confirms the Government’s commitment to a new western rail link to Heathrow Airport, and the Crossrail project. There will also be a boost in broadband provision, with the Government committing to achieving universal broadband across the UK including in rural areas.

The ‘Mid-Term Review’ confirms the Government’s support for:

  • The western rail link to Heathrow, which will provide a direct link to the airport from the Thames Valley region and has been supported by businesses and other organisations who have campaigned for a new route in order to ensure quicker transport links for those travelling to from the west. The service will typically cut 30 minutes off the journey to Heathrow from the west of England.
  • Crossrail, which will come into operation in 2018 and will provide a stopping through-route from Maidenhead to central London and Canary Wharf.
  • Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission, which will consider the best way of maintaining the UK’s global aviation hub status and will have a key bearing on the future of Heathrow Airport.
  • Universal broadband across the UK, including rural areas, at a minimum speed of 2Mbps by 2015.

Commenting, Theresa said: “Two of the key issues that I deal with as a local MP are transport infrastructure and broadband provision. Local residents and businesses need to know that both will continue to improve, and I am therefore delighted that the Government is reiterating its support for these projects. The western rail link to Heathrow, combined with Crossrail, will ensure even better transport links for Maidenhead, while improvements in broadband will be greatly welcomed by local villages. These sort of infrastructure improvements will be a big boost for the Maidenhead area.”

The Coalition Government’s ‘Mid-Term Review’ is available here

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