May calls for an extension of the Crossrail line to Reading

  • 18 Jul 2006

Theresa May MP welcomes Crossrail’s decision to abandon some of its unpopular plans for Maidenhead.

‘As a result of fierce lobbying by myself, the council and the residents, we have achieved some real concessions. Guards Club Park will not be used as a depot – instead Network Rail’s own lands will be converted for these purposes. Also, Guards Club Island Bridge will not be used for access and, as we suggested, barges will instead be used for access and to deliver materials. Furthermore, I am delighted that, following intense representations, Crossrail have finally recognised the need for additional parking at Maidenhead station, and have offered to part-fund a new multi-storey car park to coincide with the station redevelopment. There are, however, questions over location and residents will have to be consulted. This is a real victory for Maidenhead and is testament to the hard work put in by all parties to promote the rights and views of the area and its residents.’