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May calls on FGW to lose franchise

  • 15 Jan 2007

Local MP Theresa May has called for FGW to lose its franchise to provide train services to Maidenhead, Twyford and the branch lines. Theresa has also secured a debate in Parliament on Thursday 18 January on the problems with local train services.

Theresa said, “The December 2006 timetable has been a disaster. I continue to get emails every day from passengers complaining about overcrowding, delays and cancellations. The recent changes to the timetable have done little to help. We will only get a decent service back when we have a train operator committed to commuter services and a Government that is interested in passengers’ needs not its own targets.

‘I will be raising these issues in Parliament on 18 January in a short debate which I have called on train services for Maidenhead and Twyford.  I didn’t get satisfactory answers from FGW now let’s see what the Minister has to say.  Government must take their share of the blame as the specification they set for the timetable was inadequate.

‘But whatever they say I’m now at the point where I believe we need a different company serving Maidenhead and Twyford and the branch lines, and that FGW should lose this part of the franchise.

‘I have joined with other Thames Valley MPs to call for a meeting with the Secretary of State, FGW and Network Rail – with all three present they will no longer be able to simply point the finger of blame and avoid taking any action.  And we are also asking the HSE to look again into the problem of overcrowding on trains. It is remarkable that there are laws protecting chickens from overcrowding but nothing to protect human commuters!

‘My constituents have suffered poor train services for too long under FGW. Its time for the Government to act.”