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May congratulates Maidenhead nominee for prestigious national award

  • 1 Nov 2006

Theresa May MP is delighted the Maidenhead based firm Nortel UK Ltd has been nominated for this year’s BlackBerry Women & Technology Awards. Nortel UK Ltd has been nominated in the category Best Company Advancing Women in Technology.

The Awards, hosted annually, celebrate the achievements of women using technology both within and beyond the IT sector, bringing their outstanding contributions to business via the use of technology into the public eye.

The Awards look to honour the individual (or company) that has achieved success and competitive advantage through innovation, management and return on investment via technology.

The Awards evening will be held in London on Thursday 2 November.

Theresa May said:

“These awards make it clear that there is a wealth of female talent in the technology sector. However, it is still the case that about 70% of women with science and technology qualifications are not working within the profession.

“Therefore it is important that the Government and the industry do more not only to ensure that women are attracted to the sector, but also that they are retained and given the means to progress.

“It is wonderful to see a Maidenhead based UK firm leading the way in this area. I wish Nortel all the best for the awards and encourage them to keep up their good work for women in technology.”