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May: new paint won’t make them go faster

  • 7 Jan 2007

Local MP Theresa May has attacked FGW for offering new livery on the trains rather than a better service.

Theresa explained, ‘I’m astounded. Just when commuters are being forced to endure fewer trains, cancellations, late running and awful overcrowding, FGW are spending money and time on cosmetic enhancements to their fleet.

‘What we want is a decent service, not pretty trains. New paint won’t make the trains go faster.

‘I am afraid that this is just another example of FGW missing the point. I will leave FGW in no doubt that it’s the timetable that needs a make-over not the trains.’
Theresa will be attending a meeting with Alison Forster, Managing Director of FGW, and other Thames Valley MPs later this week. However, Theresa was adamant that she should have a private meeting with Ms Forster specifically to discuss the needs of Maidenhead and Twyford and the branch lines.

As Theresa said, ‘It is clear that the December 2006 timetable severely sidelines the needs of the Thames Valley in favour of longer distance journeys, and therefore I am glad to meet with Alison Forster and other Thames Valley MPs to discuss possible improvements.

‘But there are specific problems for my constituents travelling from Maidenhead and Twyford and the branch line stations of Wargrave, Cookham and Furze Platt. I think it is vital that I meet with Alison Forster on my own to press home the need for significant improvements. That way I can make sure she knows about all the complaints raised by passengers in the over 500 emails I have received. This train timetable is affecting people’s lives and FGW must act now to improve it.’