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May: now it’s time for action

  • 31 Jan 2007

After two debates in the House of Commons on FGW and their poor service to their customers, Theresa May MP is calling for them to step up to the plate and finally take some action.

Theresa explains, ‘In my debate on FGW the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Tom Harris, made it clear that the Government agrees that FGW have provided an ‘unacceptable level of service’ to their customers. He also clarified that, despite claims to the contrary, the Government expect FGW to add to their base service level commitment in order to provide an adequate service. He made it clear that the Government expect FGW to listen to their customers and respond to their needs. The Government expect FGW to accept culpability for what Tom Harris term their ‘disastrous performance’.

‘I know they have been continuously notified of customer dissatisfaction since the new timetable was introduced. I have received almost 1000 emails complaining about FGW’s appalling services.  People complain about unreliable, overcrowded services on a timetable which clearly lacks enough fast and semi fast services to deal with the number of commuters from Maidenhead and Twyford.

‘I have put these points to Alison Forster, FGW’s Managing Director, but am writing again to set out the many complaints I have received and urge them to do something to improve the daily commute for my constituents.

‘We have told FGW their failings. Now it is time for them to act. If they fail to do so, after the Government’s very clear requests, I shall be going back to the Department for Transport to raise the issue of whether FGW should be allowed to continue providing commuter services to London.’