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May slams FGW’s failure to listen to local passengers

  • 10 Jan 2007

Theresa May MP has attacked FGW for its failure to listen to local passengers’ complaints following revelations that FGW have improved services from Oxford and ignored the needs of passengers from Maidenhead and Twyford.

Theresa explained, ‘I was appalled when I saw the latest timetable changes from FGW which are due to come in next Monday 15 January.

‘They claim they have listened to passengers’ complaints but in fact they’ve completely ignored people travelling from Maidenhead and Twyford.  For us the service will get worse. The 0726 which currently starts, empty, at Twyford will now start at Oxford. There are few enough seats at Maidenhead on this already.  What on earth will it be like when it starts from Oxford?

_’What is galling is that this was the train added to the timetable following our campaign last year. Only two days ago they were boasting that this was a “significant investment in Twyford and Maidenhead”. Now they’re undoing all that.

‘I am deeply disappointed that FGW have chosen to ignore the concerns of Maidenhead and Twyford commuters.  I’ve had nearly 600 emails complaining about the new timetable since it started.

FGW clearly have no interest in providing a decent service to their customers.  I am meeting with Alison Forster, the Managing Director of FGW,  tomorrow and I have insisted that she bring to our meeting proposals for real improvements to the service for Maidenhead and Twyford as these current changes are simply unacceptable.’