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May witnesses new train timetable chaos at first hand

  • 12 Dec 2006

On Monday morning Theresa May joined commuters in Maidenhead and Twyford to experience first hand FGW’s new December 2006 timetable.

Theresa explained: ‘The first days of the new timetable were an unmitigated disaster. Peak hour trains were late, overcrowded and some were even cancelled.  Passengers were left standing on platforms as others tried desperately to squeeze onto the few fast trains left in the timetable.

‘I have told FGW for months that their continual cuts to services for Maidenhead and Twyford would only lead to further problems. Now my fears have been confirmed and the service only gets worse and worse.

‘On Monday morning I saw trains arriving at Twyford and Maidenhead in the morning peak which were already almost full to capacity. It was bad enough at Twyford – a few people were able to squeeze in – but impossible at Maidenhead.

‘It is appalling for FGW to allow passengers to be packed in like sardines on services which then run slow, despite being labelled a “fast service.”

‘FGW’s level of service is simply unacceptable. Now they’ve given us just five weeks to tell them what we think before they put together the timetable for December 2007. I will continue my campaign to improve services and I urge anyone with a complaint about the trains to contact FGW at [email protected], copying me in at [email protected] .

‘Fewer services, more crowding, delayed services and angry commuters – FGW’s new timetable has not got off to a good start.’