Record low unemployment figures in Maidenhead

Theresa May has welcomed new figures showing a record low in unemployment in the Maidenhead constituency. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that just 411 people were claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in Maidenhead – the lowest number ever recorded. The unemployment rate in the constituency is 0.6% – the lowest rate since records began.

Unemployment has been steadily reducing in the local area since 2010 and the latest figures for October 2015 represent a 76% reduction from the peak in August 2009.

Nationally, the employment rate has hit a new record high of 73.7% with wages up 3% over the last year. UK unemployment fell by 103,000 between July and September and the unemployment rate is now approaching pre-recession levels. There are now more women in work than ever before, with an increase of almost a million since 2010, and youth unemployment is at its lowest level since early 2006.

Commenting, Theresa said: “Unemployment is continuing to fall in Maidenhead and the local area and it is great that we are now seeing record low figures. This means more people in work with the dignity and security that a job can bring. With unemployment falling and wages rising, we are seeing the benefits of the UK’s economic security. Now we need to work towards full employment and ensure that everyone has a fair chance to get on in life.”

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