Anniversary of Russia's further invasion of Ukraine.

Reflecting on the 2 year anniversary of Russia's further invasion of Ukraine.

Today (24th February) marks the two year anniversary of Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine- a heinous unprovoked act of aggression which shocked the world.

On this poignant milestone we should take a moment to reflect. We have all seen the resolution and dignity of the Ukrainian people and listened to countless reports of the inspirational bravery Ukrainian forces have shown defending their homeland.

Since this conflict began many vulnerable Ukrainian nationals have made a new life for themselves here in the Maidenhead constituency, making an invaluable contribution to our local community.

I have had the opportunity to speak to many Ukrainian nationals locally about this dreadful conflict, but also to hear about their hopes for a free and independent future.

It is vital that we continue to stand by our Ukrainian allies in their fight for a free & independent future.

Slava Ukraini.