Theresa backs plans to boost Maidenhead town centre

Theresa May has given her support to proposals to rejuvenate the Kings Triangle area of Maidenhead town centre. The plans, which were subject to public consultation over the summer, will transform the area between King Street and Queen Street, with new shops, homes and offices. A planning application has now been submitted to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, which if approved would allow the project to go ahead as the first stage in improving the town centre.

In offering her support to the plans, Theresa emphasised that the Kings Triangle project should not be seen in isolation and should be considered as part of the wider work of reviving the town centre.

In a letter to the Royal Borough, Theresa said: “Although Maidenhead enjoys many natural advantages, there is a clear need to improve the town centre if we are to continue to make the most of these advantages. In supporting these proposals, I have been clear that they should not be seen in isolation and must be part of the ongoing work of rejuvenating the town centre. As such, it is important that the Kings Triangle has good links with the rest of the town centre, and the railway station, so that improvement can spread across the town. This development must enhance the town centre, not isolate it.”

The planning application closes for comments on 15th December, and can be viewed here

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