Theresa calls for residents’ comments on flooding

Theresa May is asking local residents affected by flooding to let her know about their experiences. A number of local areas have been affected by flooding in recent weeks, including Cookham, Bisham, Hurley, Wargrave, Sonning and Twyford. Now that the situation has stabilised, Theresa is asking for residents’ comments to ensure that lessons are learned. She will be taking up a number of issues with the relevant bodies, including the Environment Agency, Thames Water, and local central government. This is to ensure that measures are taken to further reduce the risk of flooding in the future – and that, if flooding does occur, the response from the authorities is as quick and effective as possible.

Theresa has already been in touch with a number of local residents and has visited flood-affected areas including Cookham and Bisham. Various issues have been raised, including ideas for making the local area more flood-resilient and the need for a more effective response to flooding in some places.

Theresa is now calling for any local resident affected by flooding to get in touch with their comments so that she can take up concerns with the relevant bodies. Local residents can email Theresa at [email protected] or write to her at the House of Commons by the end of March.

Theresa has also written to local Parish Councils to ask for their comments.

Commenting, Theresa said: “A number of people have already been in touch with me to convey their experiences, and I have visited local areas affected by flooding to discuss the situation with residents. Various issues have been raised and I will now be taking these up with the relevant bodies to ensure that the lessons are learned. Before doing so, I would like to hear from any other constituents who were affected by flooding and have comments or ideas that they would like me to take up. We must continue to make the local area more flood-resilient and ensure a quick and effective response if flooding occurs.”

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