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Theresa challenges M.O.D decision to block local people showing support for the troops

  • 3 Dec 2008

Theresa May has written to the Ministry of Defence to question their decision to prevent members of the public sending Christmas gifts to British troops to thank them for their service. Many people, including the local Rotary Clubs in Loddon Vale and Bourne End & Cookham, have in the past sent shoeboxes full of gifts to troops at Christmas time. However, the Ministry of Defence has decided to prevent the packages being sent due to ‘logistical problems’.

Theresa is backing a new appeal by the Conservative Future Social Action Network which seeks to ensure that the packages can still get to the troops, despite the MOD’s decision. CFSAN have been collecting names of front-line troops who are willing to receive a package and distribute the contents to their colleagues. Packages directly addressed to troops should still be delivered.

Theresa said, “Christmas parcels are a valuable way for the public to show their support for our troops abroad, and it is very disappointing that they should be prevented from showing their support. I know that many local people would be disappointed if this meant they missed out on the chance to thank the troops for their service.”

“It is a shame that the Ministry of Defence are making this so difficult, but I hope that local residents will be able to support the Conservative Future Social Action Network appeal and ensure that our troops of aware of how grateful we all are for their service.”

Details of the Conservative Future Social Action Network appeal can be found at