Theresa criticises confusion over swine flu treatment

Theresa May has criticised the Department of Health after it sent out misleading information about swine flu which listed St Marks Hospital as being in Slough not Maidenhead.

The Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, sent the information to MPs detailing all of the anti-viral collection points in England. These are the locations where medicine can be collected on behalf of people who are suffering from swine flu. However, the information stated that St Marks Hospital was in Slough, not in Maidenhead.

Theresa has written to the Health Secretary to seek assurances that mistakes will not be made in the future.

Theresa said, “This is a rudimentary mistake, but sadly it is not the first time they have given out misleading information about the local collection point. I would have expected all the Government’s information to be correct first time. This is not just an embarrassing mistake – it could have serious consequences if people are misdirected as to where they can collect this medicine. I want everyone to be assured that this service is available in Maidenhead but unfortunately the Government have given the impression that local people would have to travel to Slough. It is essential that no more mistakes are made in dealing with this important issue.”

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