Theresa discusses timetable changes with FGW

Theresa May has met the Managing Director of First Great Western, Mark Hopwood, to discuss proposed changes to train timetables, including those on the Henley branch line that have caused concern to Wargrave commuters. As part of the proposals, FGW have suggested that off-peak trains will stop at Wargrave less frequently than at present, although there will be improvements to evening services. Wargrave commuters reacted with alarm to the plans and felt that they had not been properly consulted.

FGW have drawn up plans to reduce Wargrave services from every 45 minutes to every 60 minutes throughout much of the off-peak period, in order to allow a half-hourly service from Twyford to Henley. However, there will also be faster and more frequent evening services from London to Wargrave due to faster connecting services.

During the meeting, Theresa expressed concern that Wargrave commuters had not initially been involved in drawing up the plans, and emphasised that Wargrave should not be overlooked in favour of Henley residents. She welcomed the establishment of a Wargrave Users Group and encouraged FGW to engage with them directly. A formal consultation is likely to be held next year before any changes go ahead.

Commenting, Theresa said: “It was concerning that these proposals seemed to come forward without any involvement from Wargrave residents. However, I am pleased that FGW will now be engaging directly with Wargrave commuters and I hope we can find sensible improvements to the timetable that will benefit all passengers.”

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