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Theresa insists Shanly should listen to local people

  • 28 Nov 2006

Developer Michael Shanly has rejected local MP Theresa May’s request for another exhibition for local residents on his plans for developing Badnell’s Pit.

Theresa explained, ‘I wrote to Michael Shanly on November 7th after a number of local residents told me that they couldn’t get to the exhibition about his plans for Badnell’s Pit because it was held only on one day and a weekday at that.  That meant they couldn’t ask questions about his plans or give their views. I pressed him for a further exhibition to be held, over a weekend, to allow local people to make their views known.

‘Now he’s replied ruling out any further exhibition period and saying I must have been “incorrectly briefed”.  I wasn’t briefed by anyone on this. Unlike him I talk to local people and hear their views direct.  I am appalled that he is refusing to take into account the wishes of many local residents who are concerned that his development will severely alter the area and their quality of life.

‘I can only assume that he doesn’t want to give more people the chance to comment on his plans because he knows that his proposed development of 430 homes with 5 storey blocks of flats will be unacceptable to local residents. It will bring the local roads to a standstill and put pressure on other services like schools and GPs’ services.

‘I only hope he doesn’t try to claim that there were so few people at the exhibition that his plans are supported. He is not fooling anyone, and the people of Maidenhead will not accept his refusal to consult them.’

If you will be affected by Michael Shanly’s proposed development of Badnells Pitt and would like further consultation on his proposals please feel free to contact me at The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, 0207 219 1304 or at [email protected].