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Theresa May MP introducing the Death By Dangerous Driving Bill

Theresa May Introduces Ten-Minute Rule Bill to Parliament

  • 24 Jul 2020

On July 21st Maidenhead MP Theresa May introduced her Ten Minute Rule Bill in Parliament.

Named the Death by Dangerous Driving (Sentencing) Bill, this Bill seeks to get better justice for victims and their families.

Tackling dangerous driving on Britain’s roads needs to be a priority and in her speech in the House of Commons Theresa raised three examples of Maidenhead constituents who have tragically lost their lives. 

The Bill is simple. It amends the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 to increase the maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving to life imprisonment.

The Bill responds to a genuine concern that the severity of the offence is not always reflected in current sentencing, because of the limitations on the sentence that currently exist.

Under this Bill, judges will still retain discretion as to what length of sentence is appropriate, but the measure in the Bill will give them greater scope and enable them to issue more severe sentences than is currently possible.

The Bill is due to receive its Second Reading; the next stage in the Parliamentary legislative process, when Parliament returns from the Summer recess on Friday October 16th.

Theresa has said: "Every death as a result of dangerous driving is a tragedy and for those left behind the devastation caused will never heal.

I am hopeful that my Bill will recieve both cross party and Government support and will make it onto the statutue book so victims, and their families, get the justice they deserve". Theresa May MP introducing the Death By Dangerous Driving Bill