Theresa May MP supports local Campaign to Cut Plastic Waste

  • Oct 29, 2018

On Friday 26 October Theresa joined local campaigners at two cafes in Maidenhead to fill up her reusable water bottle – all part of a local campaign to reduce plastic waste.

The Green Parrot Café is just one of a number of establishments in Maidenhead which have signed up to a national project called ‘Refill’ who will fill up your water bottle, free of charge, in the hope this will reduce the amount of plastic waste generated from single use plastics.


“I support the campaign to cut plastic waste as it has become clear that this is a global issue that needs to be dealt with.

We can all play our part in cutting the use of plastic and I am pleased to see that there are a number of places across Maidenhead where you can fill up your water bottle and I hope that local residents will make use of this service.”

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