Theresa meets some new MPs!

Theresa May visted St. Piran’s Preparatory School on Monday to award the newly elected members of the School Parliament their badges. 

Theresa answered questions from the children, ranging from “How long she has been an MP?” to “Has she met the President of the United States?”.

St. Piran’s School Parliament has been running for many years and is composed of 14 children elected by their fellow pupils, who serve for a whole school year. St. Piran’s Headmaster Jonathan Carroll said, “The children were very excited to meet Theresa and really enjoyed asking her about her life as an MP. We are very proud of our School Parliament; they are making a real difference to the life of the school”.

Theresa said, “I was delighted to visit St Piran’s School and meet the new members of the School Parliament. It is always good to see young people taking an interest in the workings of their school and I am sure that the new School Parliament will make a valuable contribution. I hope that the children enjoy their experience, and maybe it will convince some of them to one day stand for the Westminster Parliament as well”

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