Theresa offers support to Reading School and Kendrick School

Theresa has reacted to the news that a small group of people have brought forward a ballot to end selection at two Reading grammar schools, Reading School and Kendrick School, and offered her support to them continuing in their current capacity. Several local parents whose children attend these school have contacted Theresa to express their concern about the move, which is opposed by the schools.

Commenting on this threat to these outstanding local schools, Theresa said: “I do not think that these schools have anything to fear from a ballot of parents so long as the ballot is conducted fairly. I am sure that the majority of local parents will want to support these schools, but I do regret the uncertainty that this is causing.”

“I will continue to monitor this and work with other local MPs to ensure that these schools are protected. Our priority should be to increase the number of good school places, not threaten the good schools that already exist.”

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