Theresa praises local charities' contribution to the Big Society

Theresa May has praised the role of local charities and voluntary sector groups as part of Berkshire’s ‘Big Society’. Speaking at Age Concern Slough & Berkshire East, Theresa highlighted the important work that local groups did to tackle social problems and improve local communities, and explained why the ‘Big Society’ was central to this.

In a speech Theresa said, “By emphasising the Big Society, rather than the big state, the Government is showing its understanding that the problems facing our country will not simply be solved by a government initiative, or by pulling a lever in Whitehall, but instead will require us to unleash the powers of charities, the voluntary sector, community groups, parents, teachers, social workers – people who everyday are working to improve our society. Here in Berkshire we are blessed with a wide range of outstanding charities and voluntary sector groups, serving all sections of our society and tackling a variety of pressing social problems. I have been fortunate to visit many of them myself.”

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