Theresa seeks assurances on Maidenhead Post Office

Theresa May is seeking assurances on the future of local Post Office services, following the news that Maidenhead Post Office had been identified for franchising. Theresa has written to Post Office Ltd to ask for further information about their announcement to ensure that the services people rely on will still be available in the future.

She has asked for confirmation that there will be safeguards in place to ensure that the current services and facilities will be maintained, including those used by local businesses, regardless of the future set-up of the branch – and that the current opening hours would be maintained in a franchised branch.

Post Office Ltd confirmed last week that it would be looking for a potential franchising partner for the Maidenhead Crown Post Office, but did not provide specific information on why this was necessary, or what would happen if a franchise partner cannot be found. Theresa has asked for further information on these points so local residents can have greater confidence in the process.

In the event of a suitable partner being found, any changes to Maidenhead Post Office would be subject to a public consultation.

Commenting, Theresa said: “It is important that the Post Office services people rely on are protected, and that local residents and businesses continue to have full access to the facilities they need. I would like more information from the Post Office as to the safeguards that will be in place to protect our services in the long-term if the franchising option goes ahead. At a time when Maidenhead town centre is moving forward, we must not lose an important local service.”