Theresa speaks out against Post Office annoucement

This morning, the Post Office Ltd announced that it was going ahead with closing five out of the six Post Offices in the Maidenhead area threatened with closure.

Of the six Post Offices, only Bridge Road Post Office in Maidenhead has been saved. Theresa May, who had campaigned hard against the closures, said:

“Our Post Offices provide an invaluable to the local community they serve. I am delighted that Bridge Road Post Office has been saved but I am deeply disappointed that the Post Office Ltd has chosen to ignore the strength of local feeling and close five of our Post Offices. It seems that the Post Office and the Government had already made the decision to close 2,500 branches nationally, ignoring the needs of local communities and that was it.”

“As it currently stands, only 24 out of 621 of the Post Offices threatened across the country have been saved from closure and I am pleased that because of the strength of our local campaign, we have ensured that Bridge Road is one of the branches that will be saved.”

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