Theresa speaks up for local residents at travellers inquiry

Theresa May has urged a public inquiry to ensure fair play in the planning system by upholding an enforcement notice against an unauthorised traveller site in Waltham St Lawrence. Appearing before the inquiry in Maidenhead, Theresa highlighted the strong concerns of local residents about the site and pressed the inquiry to support measures to protect the Green Belt.

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead has previously judged that the site on Shurlock Road was unlawfully changed from agricultural to residential use and has ordered all caravans and mobile homes to be removed.

In her statement, Theresa highlighted concerns that the development of the site constituted an unauthorised breach of the Green Belt and therefore failed to protect the rural area from encroachment. She also raised concerns that the site was on land at a high risk of flooding and that the development had already increased the flood risk in the local area.

Commenting, Theresa said, “It is extremely important that planning rules are applied fairly and equally for everyone, including travellers. This is an unauthorised site that is clearly in breach of planning regulations, including those protecting the Green Belt. The council have quite rightly taken action to remove residential dwellings on the site and it is important that the inquiry now upholds that decision to ensure fair play for all in the planning system.”

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