Theresa supports Wokingham fair trade campaign

Theresa May MP recently lent her support to the Wokingham Fair Trade Campaign (WFTC) by attending their information stand at the Twyford branch of Waitrose. Theresa took the opportunity to learn more about fairly traded goods and the work of WFTC. The WFTC is dedicated to raising the profile of Fairtrade and helping local businesses promote the Fairtrade goods they have on offer.

Following the visit, Theresa said: “I believe that paying producers fairly for the goods we buy is very important, and looking for the Fairtrade mark on produce from the developing world is a good way to be sure we are doing that. I am very pleased to see so much active promotion of Fairtrade in our area. The WFTC’s directory is invaluable for helping everyone to find the products easily.”

WFTC chairman Colin Weedon said, “It is very important for our Campaign that members of the public understand that Fairtrade is taken as a serious issue at the highest possible levels – and we are absolutely delighted that Theresa feels strongly enough about it to take time out of a very busy schedule to be with us here today.”

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