Theresa welcomes decision to keep Post Office card account with Post Offices

Theresa May has welcomed the Government’s decision to listen to the calls from thousands of local campaigners and MPs and renew the contract for the Post Office Card Account with the Post Office. The account is currently used by nearly four million people to receive their state pensions, benefit payments and tax credits and if a private company had won the contract this could have meant another nail in the coffin for the already beleaguered Post Office network.

In Maidenhead, Theresa received campaign cards from many constituents asking her to support the Post Office’s bid to retain the contract and save further closures.

Theresa commented, “This is brilliant news for our local post offices and the postmasters who work so hard to keep them going. Despite a strong local campaign Maidenhead has already seen the loss of five Post Offices recently. If a private company had won the card account our remaining branches would be even more vulnerable. The Post Offices provide an invaluable service and we cannot afford to see any more lost in our area.”

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