Theresa welcomes decision to trial broadband in Waltham St Lawrence

Theresa May has hailed a successful result for the campaign run by her and local residents to bring broadband to Waltham St Lawrence and parts of Hurst. Twyford telephone exchange is one of only ten sites selected for a pilot scheme that BT is running which will use advanced technology to deliver broadband over long distances.

Theresa said, “This is fantastic news for the residents of Waltham St Lawrence who have been fighting for broadband access for so long. We ran a successful campaign, meeting BT on a number of occasions and lobbying the Government and I am pleased to see it has paid off.”

“It was absolutely ridiculous that a village on the commuter belt was being left behind in the communications stakes. This is only a pilot at this stage but I hope it will herald a new commitment to universal access to broadband.”

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