Theresa welcomes investment in local flood defences

Theresa May has welcomed the publication of the Government’s six-year programme of investment in flood defences, which contains details of where £2.3 billion of capital funding will be allocated. This is the largest and most ambitious flood and coastal erosion risk management investment programme ever undertaken in England. The Environment Agency has confirmed that the investment programme will include flood defence schemes for Bisham, Twyford, Charvil and the River Loddon.

The Government will invest £2.3 billion across the six year period, representing a real terms increase of 9% compared with the Spending Review 2010 period. The plan will
deliver improved protection to at least 300,000 homes in England, and help avoid more than £30 billion in economic damages including a £1.5 billion reduction in potential losses for the farming sector. Overall it will reduce flood risk by 5% compared to current levels by 2021.

In the Maidenhead constituency, the following projects will be supported:

  • Bisham Flood Alleviation to better protect 95 households
  • Twyford Flood Mitigation to better protect 25 households
  • Charvil Flood Alleviation to better protect 35 households
  • River Loddon Soft Engineering to better protect 110 households

Commenting, Theresa said: “The Government’s long-term programme of investment in flood defences is an important step forward in reducing the risk of flooding across England. I welcome the commitment made to support projects in Bisham, Twyford, Charvil and along the River Loddon. This will ensure that over 250 local households are better protected from flooding. Combined with the action being taken by other bodies such as our local councils, this will ensure that we are better prepared than ever for flooding.”

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