Theresa welcomes new businesses in Maidenhead

Theresa May has welcomed figures showing that 60 new businesses have been established in Maidenhead as a result of support from Government schemes. The Start-Up Loans and New Enterprise Allowance schemes are supporting people in the Maidenhead area to set up their own business, with recent figures showing that they have helped 60 businesses to start up. As part of this, over £100,000 worth of loans have been provided to help people launch their own business in Maidenhead.

Across the UK, 30,000 people have now benefitted from the Start-Up Loans scheme – with £155 million lent to help new businesses get going. The New Enterprise Allowance scheme, which launched in 2011, has seen another 70,000 new businesses set up. The scheme is available to jobseekers and those claiming Income Support or Employment and Support Allowance, and gives those with a feasible business idea support from a business mentor to help them develop their plan, and then seed funding if the plan is approved.

Overall there has a 7% increase in the number of businesses registered in Maidenhead since 2010.

Commenting, Theresa said: “Small businesses are an essential part of our community, bringing jobs and economic security. It is important to support entrepreneurs and those who have the courage to start up their own business. Maidenhead is a great place for enterprise and it is good to see Government schemes helping to make the economic climate even more attractive for people who are creating jobs in our area.”

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