Update: Action on flooding

Theresa May has welcomed commitments from key organisations to address flood risk in the local area and to improve the response when flooding occurs. Following the flooding experienced earlier this year, Theresa took up a series of proposals and suggestions based on comments received from her constituents to prevent flooding and to respond more effectively when it occurs. Based on these proposals, Theresa has secured important commitments from bodies including the Environment Agency, Thames Water and local councils.

The actions being taken include:

The Environment Agency

  • will conduct a river bed survey along the Bisham to Marlow stretch of the Thames
  • will amend its Flood Warning system for Bisham to ensure that properties at early risk of flooding are not missed out (as happened earlier this year)
  • is carrying out an initial assessment for flood defence options in Bisham in consultation with local residents; and is inspecting flood defences in South Cookham.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

  • has committed to removing unneccesary burdens which discourage farmers and landowners from carrying out watercourse maintenance.

Thames Water

  • will address specific problems identified at Sheeplands, Lightlands Lane and the North Maidenhead Bund.

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

  • is identifying problems which resulted in a delay in providing sandbags, and is ensuring a clear plan is in place for opening the Cookham Causeway
  • has commissioned studies in areas of high flood risk to identify improvements e.g. the clearing of ditches
  • will ensure that the Borough Local Plan reflects the impact of the flooding in regard to planning policy.

Wokingham Borough Council

  • has produced a draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategy
  • is mapping the crucial ditches and open drains and taken action against landowners who do not keep ditches clear.

First Great Western

  • have retained the temporary solutions introduced earlier in the year, and are working on plans to resignal the train lines through Maidenhead.

Commenting, Theresa said: “I am pleased to have received some firm commitments on action being taken to reduce the risk of flooding locally, and to ensure that any future floods are met with a quick and effective response. I will continue to press these organisations to ensure that the commitments they have outlined are acted upon.”

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