Walk to school month

Theresa May is encouraging children in the Maidenhead constituency to make a special effort to walk to school this October as part of Walk to School Month. The month will see children around Maidenhead and throughout the country discover the health benefits of regular walking.

Only one-third of boys and girls aged 2-11 achieve the recommended level of activity to benefit their health through activity undertaken outside of school. By encouraging families to ditch the car keys and get to school on foot, this month of activities will highlight that it’s not just PE lessons that are needed to give children the healthiest start – it is how active you are in your daily life that really matters.

Teachers often report that those pupils who walk to school are more attentive in class. By simply walking to school and back each day, the average child will already be spending more time physically active than is provided for by the national curriculum.

Theresa commented: “Increasing the number of children walking to school has a positive impact not only in increasing the health levels of children, but also in reducing the levels of congestion and pollution in our local area. I am encouraging all children in the Maidenhead area to make a special effort, where possible, to walk to school this month.”

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