Cookham and Hurley flooding.

Maidenhead MP Theresa May visited Cookham on Sunday (January 7th) following the news that the area had been affected by flooding. 

Flood risk is always an issue that Theresa keeps a close eye on and she has been receiving regular updates from the Environment Agency.

The latest news from the Environment Agency is that the upper Thames is beginning to subside and by the end of January 8th the lower Thames should also begin receding.

The Environment Agency believe that we have seen the worst of the flooding.

Theresa commented: "I'll be talking to the Environment Agency on what lessons they have learnt from this - how well equipped they were to deal with it. The Jubilee River of course is what protects Maidenhead itself, that is operating but it is at full capacity so they will be keeping an eye on that as well.

I'm surprised at how quickly it has got so bad, I think we were all hoping that it was going to be fine locally and suddenly it has just increased".