Theresa May at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Theresa May has pressed local NHS leaders for an expansion services at St Mark’s Hospital

Local MP Theresa May has pressed local NHS leaders for an urgent meeting to discuss expanding services at St Mark’s Hospital Theresa has written to the Chief Executive of the ICS and CEO of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust to urge them to improve the services at St Mark’s including by increasing the capacity to deal with injuries and mental health problems.

Theresa commented: “St Mark’s had to adapt during the pandemic to keep patients and staff safe. Some are calling for a return to the previous level of service, but I want us to be more ambitious.

That’s why I am calling for more services at St Mark’s. I want more local people to be treated at St Mark’s and more services there including for injuries and mental health.

With growing pressures on Wexham Park it makes sense not just to return St Mark’s to pre-pandemic services, but to make sure that more people can be treated at St Mark’s.

This would be better for my constituents, would relieve pressure on Wexham Park and would be better for the local NHS.