Theresa May speaking in GWR debate in Westminster Hall

Theresa May raises concerns about train service with the Rail Minister in Parliament.

Maidenhead MP Theresa May spoke in a debate on the future of GWR in Parliament on 9 January.

Theresa had already called an urgent meeting before Christmas with GWR and Network Rail.

In the debate, Theresa set out each of the disruptions to our local train service over the last month.

She told the Minister “This is not good enough… the vast majority of those incidents were about Network Rail and its response to problems.

Everybody understands the issues, but the question—and what I will look for from the Minister—is whether we can ensure that we will get sufficient support from Network Rail to resolve these problems such that my constituents can continue to have the service they expect and deserve.

Maidenhead is an important economic centre. We want to get people out of their cars and on to the railways. Sadly, if they see disruptions and cancellations, they will go back into their cars. We need train services people can have confidence in. ”

Transcript of the full debate: Great Western Main Line - Hansard - UK Parliament

Video footage of the debate: - Westminster Hall