Discussing train services during a visit to Twyford Station with GWR officials

Theresa objects to plans to cut Wargrave train services

Theresa May has expressed her concern about proposals to cut train services from Wargrave Station, following confirmation from GWR that they intended to press ahead with a reduction in off-peak services. This will see off-peak trains serving Wargrave once an hour, in order to allow a faster half-hourly service for Henley and Shiplake passengers.

GWR have stated that the proposal will benefit the majority of passengers who use the branch line, and that additional services could be provided at Wargrave once the line is electrified in 2019.

Theresa has written to the Managing Director of GWR to express her concerns and to ask for further explanation of their justification for this, including the details of how many passengers will be affected. She has also asked for a firm commitment that a half-hourly service will be introduced at Wargrave once the branch line has been electrified, when faster electric trains will be in use.

Theresa also queried why a formal consultation on the proposal would not be happening – something that GWR previously promised before any timetable changes went ahead.

Commenting, Theresa said: “It is very disappointing that GWR intend to press ahead with cuts to the off-peak services at Wargrave. It is not acceptable for my constituents in Wargrave to be disadvantaged so that passengers in Henley can get a faster service. GWR need to explain why this won’t be subject to a formal consultation, and, if this goes ahead, they need to provide a firm commitment that half-hourly services will be provided from Wargrave as soon as possible once the line has been electrified.”